Welcome to Our World!

Actually,  Pilot’s Peak Cabin Retreat is the name of the hillside haven we’ve created. It’s an Adirondack style home situated on a hillside overlooking the All-American Town of Pilot Mountain. The 50 acre tract of trees and fields that surrounds the cabin, we call Sacred Summit. We are delighted to be the owners and stewards of this beautiful setting where you can experience peace and privacy while at the same time view amazing vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the splendid Yadkin Valley where Daniel Boone hunted as a young man. And, of course, the centerpiece of the panorama is Pilot Mountain, one of the rarest geological formations on the planet.

The cabin has 3 bedrooms: a first floor master suite (with queen bed and full private bath), the two bedrooms upstairs consist of a queen bed in one room, and three twin beds in the other. There’s a full bathroom in between. A powder room (half-bath) is adjacent to the living room.

We opened our property to guests nearly four years ago. This was after improving the property and completely renovating the cabin. Since that time, we’ve welcomed hundreds of guests from near and as far away as England. We love being the hosts and ambassadors to the region that has such a rich history, beauty, bounty, and fine people.

Who We Are

We are a family of five: two baby boomer parents in our 50’s and 60’s, with two young adult “kids”, aged 19 and 21, both internationally adopted as toddlers, living near Winston-Salem, North Carolina. And, a mother/grandmother.

We are the Alderson family:
Coleman Alderson, born in WV  (LeAura’s husband)
LeAura Alderson, born in AL, raised in HI (Coleman’s wife)
Devani Alderson, born in India, raised in NC  (our daughter)
Nikolai Alderson, born in Russia, raised in NC (our son)
Carol Lackey (LeAura’s 82 y/o mother, who lives next door and is actively serving several community organizations)

A Bit More

Our kids were homeschooled for most of their school years. Our daughter, Devani, now 21, has been running the social marketing aspects of our businesses for the past five years through her company, VitalMediaMarketing.com((http://vitalmediamarketing.com/)) which began as a part of a homeschooling project when she was 15.

Our son, Nikolai, is 19, and currently a primary gardener and caretaker of our property. Nikolai is developing his cooking repertoire while learning WordPress for website building, and fiction writing as a hobby with aspirations to become a novelist.

We’re a family of writers, authors, aspiring authors, entrepreneurs and product developers, running and growing our family enterprise. We’ve gardened, invested in real estate and developed and built properties in NC, WV and in Costa Rica.